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Пополнение аккаунтов YouTube RU, EN профили ожидается в ближайшее время. На данный момент постоянно в наличии. Пишите по контактам магазина для заказа, если нет в наличии Оплатить через кошелек QIWI вы сможете, выбрав при оплате, Freekassa . You can pay via QIWI wallet by choosing Freekassa when paying

How to pay and payment methods

Video review of the store - an overview of the store's functionality, how to buy, what to do with accounts after purchase, recommendations when working with Google accounts, and so on -

There are several payment methods in the store, you can pay using such systems as, Yumani, Bank cards (through the Yumani system), QIWI,, Bank cards (through another Cent. app), Bitcoin, Bank cards (via Monobank, for residents of Ukraine).

You can pay both on the website and replenish the balance of your personal account and make purchases from the balance in your personal account! Personal account, login or registration using this link.

Let's take a little more detail.

Payment through Yumani also occurs automatically. To pay you need to have an account in their system. Account only in rubles. If there is no invoice, you can pay in the same place through their form using a bank card. So in Yumani you can pay with your main account or bank card.

Payment through QIWI is done in different ways. At the moment, such a payment mode is in operation - Automatic payment. (Another method, which is not yet relevant, is by paying invoices. You can make a purchase in the usual way in the store's web page, but you can pay for the purchase, the invoice is issued only through the QIWI mobile application, you will not be able to pay in the QIWI web page. If you do not have the ability or desire to install the QIWI application on your phone, you can install the emulator on your PC device, laptop, for example this memuplay, there are many others, for example NOX, Bluestacks and so on, install the application there and pay. It's simple, at first glance it seems that it is not so convenient.Yes, it may not be as convenient as it was before, but at the moment there are no other payment methods available through QIWI.) You can also pay us directly through the contacts of the store and get there your product, everything will be negotiated and done by hand.

Payment through the system - payment in automatic mode. The following payment methods are available:

 - Bank card (temporarily unavailable, terms unknown);

 - Bitcoin;

 - QIWI (temporarily unavailable, terms unknown);

 - Mobile operators of Russia (Tele2, Megafon, MTS, Beeline);

 - Steam skins;

 - Alipay;

 - Unionpay;

 - Gift cards.

 - Litecoin;

  - Turkish Bank Card;

  - Post office;

  - (this payment service is also connected, so far such payment methods are available in it, such as - Bank card, YuMoney, Perfect Money, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Advcash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash , MTC, Beeline, TELE2. When paying through in the list of payments, select and then in the drop-down list, select a payment method convenient for you). - a wide range of payment methods, including bank cards. So far, such payment methods are available in it, such as:

  1. FKWallet (RUB, USD - internal wallet of the service, you can top up here Payment for goods without interest)

  2. QIWI


  4. Bank card VISA (RUB), VISA (USD), VISA (UAH)

  5. Bank card MasterCard (RUB), MasterCard (UAH)

  6. Bank card MIR

  7. Online bank

  8. Megaphone

  9. SteamPay

  10. Perfect Money (USD)

  11. Bitcoin


  13. Ethereum

  14. And also - USDT (ERC20), USDT (TRC20), Bitcoin Cash, BNB, DASH, Dogecoin, ZCash, Monero, Waves, Ripple, Shiba Lnu.

Perfect Money. Another well-known payment aggregator! Payment is made in dollars - USD.

Payment via Bitcoin. You pay directly. After payment is made and 3 confirmations, the store will deduct the payment!

Payment via Monobank. Payment is made manually. To pay with bank cards for residents of Ukraine, not only with Monobank cards, but also with other cards of Ukrainian banks. Payment is only in hryvnia, the amount is calculated at the rate of the Central Bank of Russia. It is necessary to transfer for payment exactly the amount that was indicated during the purchase. After the transfer, it remains only to check the status of the payment and receive the goods.

Important Notes! After paying for the goods, if the payment was in automatic mode, always press the button to return to the site, it can be called differently in different payment systems. Some systems send you back on their own, in others you have to push back yourself to get the goods. If you do not press return to the site, in some cases the goods may not arrive in your mail and then you will need to write to the store's support to receive the goods. Do not forget that in order to receive the goods, you need to provide purchase data, an example is given here.